Lisa-Marie Harris




Lisa-Marie Harris is a London-based contemporary artist from Trinidad & Tobago. 

A decade-plus background in radio broadcasting, publishing, photography and digital production figures significantly in her multimedia approach, which is guided by an interest in global modernism and cultural discourse across art, design, and lifestyle. 

Lisa-Marie is a Summa Cum Laude/First Class honours graduate from Manhattan's New School University, with a BSc. in Liberal Arts - Media Production & Theory, Visual Culture, and Aesthetics.

She founded Au Courant Studio in 2007 as a creative practice to allow for interdiscliplinary conversation with other artists, designers and creatives, alongside the creation of limited edition works and projects.

Lisa-Marie also releases Au Courant Vol, an annual, limited-run artist's book of her works, photography, and writings.

Social media via @aucourantdaily